Deposit Services

Our Capital Markets Corporate Bankers can help you achieve successful cash management and provide investment options, regardless of your complexity. We can build a framework tailored to your needs for compliance with corporate investment policies, improved cash flow, better diversification, and expected rates of return.

Dedicated Deposit Servicing: We bring our specialists together to assess your needs and help improve your day-to-day financial operations. When you entrust BB&T as one of your corporate banks or your concentration bank, a dedicated Corporate Deposit Service Center Representative will be assigned to help you with your daily servicing needs.

Money Center: The BB&T Capital Markets Money Center specializes in both banking and investment products. Money Center employees are fully licensed to discuss negotiable CDs, money market bank deposits, money market investment securities and other fixed or variable rate securities.

  • Money Center employees provide relevant and timely capital markets intelligence and can address unique market factors.
  • Clients are ultimately responsible for decisions related to the purchase of deposit/investment products.
  • Money Center employees do not manage the funds afterwards, so there are no active management fees associated with our services.



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