Sales & Trading

The BB&T Capital Markets Sales & Trading group links investors to the possibilities highlighted by our experienced traders and our award-winning, proprietary research. With a strong focus on key middle market business sectors, our bond and equity traders can provide access to market insights and specialized products that are not easily found elsewhere.

With more than 60 fixed-income sales associates and 25 traders, our sales and trading specialists offer access to a wide range of corporate, asset backed, mortgage backed and municipal securities, along with syndication access and the sophisticated balance sheet analysis of our financial advisory services.

In addition, our team of more than 50 equity traders and sales professionals can deliver proprietary research and market intelligence to institutional clients, along with access to institutional block execution services, Rule 144 stock sales, stock buyback programs and stock option program executions.


NASDAQ market maker for more than 250 securities and one of the largest fixed-income institutional traders in several middle market sectors